More Than Capable.

Our History

In 2004, James Keating founded Keating in Boston, Massachusetts. What began as a small office with one home computer and seventy-six thousand dollars in starting capital from the sale of James Keating’s home, tKg has rapidly grown into a leader within the surplus line wholesaler industry.

As of 2016, Keating has gone from writing $4.2MM GWP in its first year to writing an estimated $206MM in GWP across multiple product lines. Throughout Keating’s success, entrepreneurship, independence and service have remained its core values.

Our growth over the years


During the company’s growth, brokers, leaders, and support staff were brought in that shared these values. The result is a company that cares about its clients’ needs and a company that is always striving to be better. This is how we measure our success.

While we are proud of our past, we are enthusiastic about our future and we are excited to continually improve. Our scale, scope and market knowledge allow us to address problems that no one else can. We have deep functional and industry expertise as well as breadth of geographical reach with our underwriters. We are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to our clients.

Our mission is to remain private and independent. It is to grow into a national organization capable of serving agents nationwide. It is to employ people recognized for their professionalism, their relationships, their technical expertise and their dedication to world class customer service. It is to hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. It is to service our clients at such a level that they entertain no thought of going elsewhere. It is to work with our markets at such a level that we have no equal in their eyes. It is to be trusted by our partners, respected by our competitors and admired by all. In the end, it is to create a company so strong and so successful that it becomes the vehicle through which we can build the kind of future we imagine for ourselves and our families.

A brief history of Keating

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  • Keating adds Portland, Oregon office in October
  • Keating Grows by 18%, ends the year at $206MM


  • Keating adds Portland, Oregon office in October
  • Keating Grows by 18%, ends the year at $206MM


  • Keating Grows by 21%, ends the year at $175MM


  • Keating Grows by 14%, ends the year at $144.6MM


  • Keating Grows by 16%, ends the year at $127.4MM
  • Keating adds second Southern California office, Glendale, in April
  • Keating Opens Dallas, TX Office in November
  • Formally Relocates Headquarters to Biltmore Esplanade in December


  • Keating grows by 79%, ends the year at $110.2MM GWP
  • Keating formally opens Southern California office


  • Keating grows by 26%, ends the year at $61.4MM GWP
  • Keating relocates its Headquarters to Phoenix, Arizona
  • Keating Professional Liability Division Opens


  • Keating grows by 21%, ends the year at $48.6MM GWP
  • Keating introduces Partnership Equity and Profit Sharing Plan for Leading Producers


  • Keating grows by 24%, ends the year at $40.3MM GWP
  • Keating formally opens Chicago, IL office


  • Keating grows by 32%, ends the year at $32.4MM GWP
  • Keating Workers’ Compensation Division Opens


  • Keating grows by 35%, ends the year at $24.6MM GWP


  • Keating grows by 47%, ends the year at $18.2MM GWP
  • The Keating Group, Inc. is formed, absorbing all assets of The Keating Group, LLC
  • Small Business Division Opens in Boston, MA


  • Keating grows by 195%, ends the year at $12.4MM GWP
  • Operations Division Opens in Phoenix, AZ


  • Keating formally opens for business in Boston, MA
  • P&C Brokerage Division Opens
  • Keating ends its first year in business at $4.2MM GWP