A great company is created when people dream big, take risk and put forth the necessary effort to turn those dreams into reality. Keating is such a company. We are private and, truly, independent. In a time of consolidation and buy-outs, big money boys and corporate types, we are committed to remaining private and independent. We are in control of our future. We decided long ago to chart our own course and determine our own future. We will succeed or fail on our own merits. We pay our producers and staff better. We have the most lucrative compensation structure in the industry for those capable of generating significant revenue. We have a unique partnership structure. We have a one-of-a-kind profit sharing and equity plan that gives more responsibility, and a greater share of the rewards, to those people who have the greatest impact on our growth and profitability. We are not a bureaucracy. We have structured this company to allow our people to make decisions. Our people have a real impact on how this company is run and how that affects their day to day lives and our future. This is not a place for everyone. It is an outstanding place where exceptional people can pursue and achieve their goals. If you have intelligence, an outgoing personality, self-discipline, can work well in a team based environment and you harbor a strong work ethic, you have the basic traits necessary to succeed here. We take our jobs, but not ourselves, seriously. We offer a professional yet relaxed work environment but we are fanatical about meeting our business partner’s needs. We treat each other as we would be treated. We enjoy each other’s company and we celebrate our group and individual successes. We recognize that we reach our highest level as an organization when our people reach their highest level as individuals. We are committed to giving all of our employees, regardless of title or position, the opportunity to take themselves as far as their talents and desire will travel. If you are interested in our company and want to explore the opportunities we present further, please contact us.



Available Positions

Managing Partner

The Managing Partner of one of our Product Line Divisions holds the pinnacle of responsibility within our organization. A Managing Partner must possess both the market relationship and technical strength to develop and grow their individual Product Line Division but also the personal ability to work with and support Partners and teams of Brokers on a nationwide basis. A Managing Partner ideally brings a network of Broker relationships across the country with a proven track record of attracting and managing a geographically diverse group of people. The rewards of this position include an Equity and Profit Share plan that encompasses the Managing Partner’s countrywide team of Partners.


Keating has developed an outstanding Partnership plan for individuals capable of managing and growing a team of Brokers and Support Staff on a localized or semi-regional basis. Our unique Partnership structure allows a Partner within Keating to essentially run his or her own business within the organization. Our Partners are given the flexibility to make hiring and termination decisions as well as to invest in and allocate resources within their team. Based on a separate P&L, and driven by the revenue size of the Partner’s team, the tKg Employee Partner Equity and Profit Sharing Plan gives our Partners the ability to grow a Profit Share and Equity interest in their team to as high as 40%.

But we are fighting to maintain male strength. Details on this page .


Because we are a privately held, independent organization we do not have to feed profits to a parent or outside investor. As a result, we have been able to create a Producer Incentive Compensation Plan that shares a much higher percentage of the revenue generated by our successful Brokers. Based off of certain revenue thresholds we can pay, in many instances, up to 20% more than our national competitors. We have already built a stable base of markets to rival any national competitor and will do what it takes to add necessary market relationships based on the reasonable and personal needs of our Brokers.


There are few positions of greater responsibility within our organization. An Underwriter is tasked with quickly and efficiently servicing our retail clients, supporting our Brokers on cross-sell opportunities and managing, ethically and intelligently, the authority given to us by our binding authority partners. We have created an Underwriter Incentive Compensation Plan that has no equal in its ability to reward our Underwriters.

Property Underwriter

Analyze property risk and insurance proposals. Using external and internal systems to determine policy terms and calculate premiums on the basis of guidelines and historical loss history. Additionally underwriters are tasked with quickly and efficiently servicing our retail clients, supporting our Brokers on cross-sell opportunities, ethically and intelligently managing the delegated authority to us by our carrier partners.

Underwriting support – st. Louis, mo

Along with maintaining a good working knowledge of the insurance industry, the underwriting support Individual will demonstrate effective communications skills, attention to detail with a high level of accuracy and technical proficiency, along with great organizational and time management skills with the flexibility to quickly switch gears, and a passion for customer service and taking initiative.  They are tasked with preparing submissions for marketing, aiding in the marketing and placement of new and renewal accounts, reviewing carrier quotations and bind requests, processing endorsements, reviewing policies as well as other account activity for accuracy and soliciting renewal info on accounts.

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